Tuesday, March 29, 2011

April fun. :)

I joined up with a fun little blog, and you can too!

The WHOLE month of April, I plan to get outside with the kids for at least 30 minutes a day, no matter what.  I am awful about going outside.  I really am.  I wasn't allowed to play outside much when I was little, and even if I were we lived in apartments and trailer parks and neither had much yard to play in.  Because of that, I don't really have much of an imagination.  I just never really learned how to use it.

I am envious of The Hubs because he lived in the woods and had 4 brothers and a million cousins around to play with.  They built forts, played in the creek, ran all over the woods, had rock fights (oh my...), made up gmaes and just always had fun. 

I want my kids to have that.  I know that in the world we live in, I can't just let my kids wander off and play.  I freak out if Bones rides his bike out of the little circle around the playground.  I can however, get outside and play with them.  Teach them to dig in the mud, and build forts and all the stuff I longed to do but never did. 

I'm trying to think of things we can do, but also don't want it to be too structured.  I just want the kids to get outside and get dirty! :D


Anna Joy


  1. Thanks for sharing!! We have signed up too :) Gabriel would live outside if we would let him. Like yesterday was flat out meltdowns because it was cold and raining. He refused to wear jacket and hats and I gave in. Out the door he went, laughed for about a minute, and was back at the door "oh no momma, not nice" LOL Can't wait to see what everyone posts as their outdoor activities!!

  2. Thank you for sharing our challenge on your blog! I am so happy to have you join us and can't wait to see all of the fun you have outside with your family!

  3. Looks to me like all you will be doing is making snowmen if this crappy weather doesn't change. Geesh. I wanna go back to Texas!!!!!!!