Sunday, February 27, 2011

My Dresser

Recently, my husband got me a new (to me) dresser.  I was able to pass my great grandmother's dresser onto my daughter (and have a LOT more room for my clothes).  In the dresser The Hubs got me, the bottoms of the drawers are covered in old newsprint.  There are ads for really nice men's watches for $12, Chevrolet cars with Whitewall tires, ads for meat (that actually is incredibly expensive by today's standards-thank you gov't subsidies  :/ ), ads for dresses and dressmaking's lovely!  Mixed in with all these ads are old news-stories, and ad space purchased by companies.

One of my favorite news stories is talking about how 'People Refuse to Play Nosy Neighbor When the Indiana Welfare Rolls Opened'.  It talks about how so many people were illegally getting on the rolls and nobody was paying attention.  About how if this was kept up, someday the rolls were going to be severely overflowing and the government was going to be in huge amounts of debt because of this, (sound familiar?) that there was no way to cover the costs of all these programs without ensuring that only the truly needy were enrolling.  Hmmm...look at where we are today.

My absolute favorite thing in all the drawers of the dresser though, is a square of space purchased by Louisiana Pacific.  Here is what is said in this small space, forever imprinted under my t-shirts:

         Okay America, On Your Feet
For too long we've been waiting for others to solve our problems.  City Hall. The State House. Uncle Sam. The Government. But somehow the problems just keep getting bigger. Things don't work. We're immobilized by partisanship and petty politics. Worst of all, we're beginning to doubt ourselves.  Maybe Yankee Doodle isn't so dandy anymore.  There's a gnawing feeling that the good old days may be gone forever. And we wait. And feel helpless. And grow depressed.

Well, it's time we stopped fretting about America and started doing something about America. Each one of us. Right where we live. Starting today. This minute. And that's where YOU come in. Do something positive in your own neighborhood. Make your home and yard a place to be proud of. Encourage your neighbor to do the same. Lend a hand. Encourage the young. Reach out to the disadvantaged. Take control of the things you can control.

If you're concerned about the course America is taking, don't take it lying down. Take part. Prove that one man can make a difference. You'll be amazed at how others will follow. A better America depends on better Americans. Together we can turn things around. Yes we can!

This morning at church, the Pastor said something that intrigued me.  Something I'd never considered before, but that should have been glaringly obvious.  As Christians, we KNOW that if we're believers in God, if we do good in His eyes, if we follow His teachings in His Word, if we give to Him -- He returns the favor!  He blesses us beyond reason!  The poverty level in America is somewhere near 14%.  America is increasingly turning her back on the teachings of God.  If (the majority) of America is not giving thanks where it belongs, if we're not doing what we ought to do -- then why SHOULD He bless us? 

On that note, what are YOU doing to help others in need?  I do NOT believe in Socialism/Communism whatever... I believe if you're not willing to put in the work then you don't reap the benefits. Don't work = don't eat.  However, I think that as Christians we have a duty to help others.  To build them up and help them out until they can get on their feet.  Not to do FOR them, that becomes a vicious cycle...  But to pray over them, to build them up, to encourage them. 

Welfare and programs like it are truly the downfall of our society.  Why would anyone WANT to work for themselves when they make more from a Welfare check/foodstamps/healthcare?  What have these programs done to build people up?  To show them the pride you get from a day's wages?  To know that YOU put in the work and you EARNED every cent that is given to you for it?  We're teaching people that they're incapable of fending for themselves and their families.  Whatever happened to "teaching  man to fish", rather than just giving him everything?  Why should men stay to help raise the children they helped bring into the world?  The State can probably provide for them better than he can, right? :/  This leads to the breakdown of the family system in America. 

No family system.  No God. Wefare rolls overflowing.  Debt beyond control. 

What are YOU doing to help America???  Me? I'm praying.  I'm trying hard to encourage others.  America CAN be great again...the Good Old Days don't have to be over -- but only we can do something about it.

(I know this post went in a thousand different directions, and I know that not everyone will agree with me...but this is who I am.  I am passionate about my God, America and I LOVE politics.)

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