Friday, April 13, 2012


I assume I'm supposed to be preparing for the next homeschool year.  That seems to be what all the other homeschool moms are doing right now.  Truth be told though, I'm ready for a break.  We've gone through several curriculum this year and still haven't found a perfect fit.  KK will be ready for real schooling next year.  I'm just getting into the groove of being able to school, keep my house clean, and fit in a workout.  We want to school year round, but have no idea where to begin.  We barely touched our science or history books this year (the plan is to knock them out over the summer).  That's not to say we didn't do any at all...we learned about random things throughout the year, but it certainly didn't go along with the curriculum.  We finally found a math program that sort of works, but Bones isn't entirely thrilled with it.  I'm more confident, but sort of still feel like a fish out of water.  Just SO much stressing right now...all unnecessary I'm sure, but there nonetheless. 

This coming week, The Hubs is off work and we're taking our Spring Break.  It's also the homeschool convention and I'm excited to go.  We went last year and The hubs was exhausted from a TDY and we wound up spending more time sleeping/swimming at the hotel than we did actually at the convention--though we did get to meet Michelle Duggar, which I LOVED!  :) 

But this year I'm planning our trip carefully.  I'm hoping to con The Hubs bring the hubs into some of the workshops as well.  I think we'd both benefit.  Hopefully the kiddos will cooperate too.  :)

OH!  Remember I told y'all that The Hubs is finishing up his last class for his degree?  Well his class is Public Speech.  He has to give a couple persuasive speeches, and he's decided to do one on the benefits of homeschooling!  SUCH a far cry from his stance on the issue 3 years ago, haha!!!

Where are you on planning for next year?  Done?  Have everything bought?  Have everything planned?  Or are you playing like me?  I think I may just keep my head in the sand for a few weeks more.  :)

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