Thursday, January 17, 2013

To The Hubs...

Dear Hubs,

Six years ago we had just moved into our first apartment together.  You were 22 and I was 18.  We were just a couple of kids in love.  The next day you were off work, and we had an extra $93.  We decided to head to the County and get married.  We got up, tripped over boxes, dug out clothes, got Bones dressed, ate some cereal--most likely Fruity Pebbles--loaded up in the Blazer and we were off. 

The wait wasn't long once we got there.  The Justice had an incredibly thick Spanish accent and I couldn't understand a word she was saying.  I mumbled through what I thought were vows, and when she stopped talking I took it as my cue and just blurted out "I do".  We signed our paperwork, paid the county, and that was that.  We were legally married.  We went to the base, got me and Bones into the military systems, got my ID, and went to the beach.  I made Hamburger Helper for dinner. All in all, aside from the getting married thing it was a fairly normal day.

I know sometimes marriages get mundane.  Sort of stale.  Full of boring, normal days.  Cleaning, appointments, raising kids, taking out the trash, walking the dog, bills, dinners.  Lather, rinse, repeat.  When you're young and naive you think "love will get us through!"...but the truth of the matter is marriage is hard.  It takes work.  And not the 50/50 takes the 120/120 kind.  I'm blessed to have married someone who truly give it his all. 

I want to tell you something I probably don't say near often enough.  I LOVE being your wife.  I am amazingly blessed to share in your triumphs and fails.  I am proud to be your wife.  You're an incredibly selfless man, often sacrificing things you'd like so others can have more.  You're one of the kindest, most helpful people on the planet.  You're an incredible husband and a wonderful father. 

You've supported me through all my schemes, even when I know you think they're dumb.  You encouraged me to go to school, so I did.  For Medical Assisting. And teaching. And Paralegal. And Accounting.  You encouraged me to keep trying, and were okay with me quitting when we realized it truly wasn't my forte (passing out COLD in phlebotomy class, anyone?).  When I suggested making food from scratch, you looked terrified (what was it you used to say?  I could burn a pot of boiling water?) but encouraged me.  When I started making laundry detergent and other miscellaneous things, you encouraged me--aside from the time you thought I made mustard gas and you ran out of the house...hahaha!  You don't make me feel bad for getting fat, or owning a thousand unused workout programs which really gives me no excuse.  I'm a pretty terrible housekeeper and you seem to tolerate that well.  You have been supportive of homeschooling the kids (and even become somewhat of a homeschool advocate!), though you completely disagreed with it in the beginning.  You've let me grow, and find myself...and I appreciate that!

6 years isn't that long in the grand scheme of things...but we've accomplished a lot in that time.  We've moved 5 times.  We've lived in 3 states and 2 countries.  We had a baby.  We made an incredibly difficult and heartbreaking choice regarding our future family.  We found God again.  We bought a car (and paid off 2 cars!)...and 5 months later put it in storage to buy another car.  We've fought, a LOT.  We've made up a lot.  We've redecorated the house a few dozen times.  We've dealt with loss.  We've gotten through health scares, and marital problems, and familial problems.  You've forgiven me for some BIG mistakes.  We've gotten through a lot...  You are absolutely my rock.  I don't know how I'd get through my days without you.

When we first got married, many people told us we were too young.  That there was no way it would last.  A tiny piece of me believed them.  Look around us at this broken, shattered world.  It would be easy to throw in the towel and justify our quitting.  Know what though?  I'm thankful we got married so young!  We've grown up together.  We've grown into each other.  And in the end, God willing...we will have had more time together.  I can see us in 50 years in our rocking chairs on the porch...laughing about all the things that seem so important now.  You're worth fighting for Mister.  We may be young...well, I am anyway.  You're getting old!  ;)

I know our marriage isn't perfect, but it's ours.  I am so blessed to have this time with you.  I love you more each day...and I still get butterflies.

Love you most!  Happy Anniversary!  <3 p="p">

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