Monday, January 10, 2011

This year...

I'm not very good at keeping resolutions.  They're made to be broken it seems, which is sad in a way...  When we make them, we fully intend to make good on them.  I think everyone desires to better themselves in some way; and the New Year offers us all a fresh, clean slate in which to get started.  We set out, buying all the fitness equipment, gym memberships, organizational tools, nicotine patches and all that we need to make good on this resolution.  We force ourselves to do it for a few weeks, and then life gets in the way and we fall off the wagon.  And then we beat ourselves up over it for the next 48 weeks.  And then January 1st comes around and we do it allllll over again.  At least that's how it goes for me...

I wrote the other day about choosing to have 'Goals for 2011' rather than making 'Resolutions'.  I"m hoping this changes my mindset when it comes to making good on them.  I don't expect a perfect outcome.  I KNOW life will get in the way, and I know some days I'll fall off the wagon.  What I've got to learn to do though is to get back up, dust myself off and climb back on. 

Anyway, without further delay-here are my 2011 goals:

Faith Goals:
   *Read the whole Bible
   *Do an in depth Bible study with others
   *Make it to church at least 2x a month

Family Goals:
   *Get our lives on a schedule (not a down to the minute schedule, but at least some sort of routine.)
   *Play with the kids and be silly at least 30 minutes a day.  (Have to admit, I am WAY too serious.)
   *Keep up with the laundry!!!

Financial Goals:
   *Go out to eat only 2x a month
   *Pay off 3 debts
   *Get at least $2500 put away for a rainy day

Fitness Goals:
   *No more soda(unless out to eat)/at least 6 cups of water a day
   *Take my vitamin
   *Go to bed while there is still an 11 on the clock, get up while there is still a 7 on the clock
   *Get Physical at least 1 hour/day at least 3x/week
   *Lose at least 30lbs by 2012

Personal Goals:
   *Read 15 books (Give me suggestions!!!)
   *Re-learn Sign Language
   *Unplug on Sundays
   *Let The Hubs do more (I am an overachiever and I get offended easily when offered help.)

Last, but certainly NOT least...I have seen many people doing a 'Word for 2011'.  I like the idea of that, but couldn't think of just a word for me to make aprt of my life in this year.  Instead, I've chosen a Bible Verse that I need to remember and incorporate into my daily life. 

Proverbs 21:19  Better for a man to live in a desert than with a quarrelsome and nagging wife.

I tend to nag.  A lot.  I tend to pick fights...a lot.  I came across this verse randomly.  I have NO idea how I found it, but it spoke VOLUMES to me.  I don't believe in coincidences, I know that every little thing that happens in my life in some way is connected to my Lord.  I KNOW that He put that verse in front of me to be laid on my heart because He knew I was struggling in this area.  In turn, I need to listen to this verse and pray on it, that I may find a way to be less quarrelsome and less nagging.

So...there we have it.  My 2011 Goals.  Wish me luck!  :D



  1. I am on Soda detox...was supposed to start today but staying in a smalllllll TLF with 2 yr old, hubby, and a dog, prevented that! So I am hoping to detox tomorrow but 100% once we move into the house. I as well am doing goals. Goals have a positive ring to it AND if you fall off the wagon, girl you can so get back on!

  2. I love your GOALS! I really need to make some. I always want to read more and decided to join a review club where they send you books to review for free! I think I will really like it, you get to pick from so many books. The first one that I picked is, The Shelter of God's Promises by: Sheila Walsh. I am really liking it.

  3. Sounds like a good plan, I like it better than a 'resolution'! Stick to it and it'll be a rewarding outcome :) I have wrote a list of goals also and next to them- the outcome. I'm one that looks way into the future, so I like being able to compare now vs then and then vs now. I love your verse too, that's a good one to remember!! lol! Have a good Tuesday :)

  4. Leaving you a blog award....visit my blog to see it :)

  5. Love it! I have a lot of similar goals this year. And that is so funny what you said about nagging, I am the exact same way and love that verse, always thought it was for ME! :) Love your blog!

    ~Kathryn @