Sunday, June 30, 2013

Update! of the 28th of June, I am down 17 pounds and 9.25 inches (4 inches off my waist alone!!!)

I cried when I saw the number on the scale.  Bones and KK cheered for me.  It's 19 pounds to my first mini-goal, and I'm well on my way.  I've still got a long journey ahead of me with 70+ pounds to lose total...and I'm sure huge parts of the journey will feel uphill.  Thankfully I have an incredibly supportive husband, 2 kids to cheer me on, and great friends who believe in me. 

My pants are loose, my wedding bands and promise ring are getting loose, my shirts are no longer skin tight, I have more energy, my skin is starting to clear up...and I'm pretty much a lot happier.

I'm learning a TON about nutrition and how to fuel my body properly, which is great because I've never thought about it.  It's a bit more complicated than just "calories in vs calories out", but I'm figuring it out.  I've not been able to work out or eat well since Wednesday, as I caught some sort of stomach bug.  It was awful!  I seem to be feeling better now, and if that holds true tomorrow I plan on starting my new workout routine for  few months.

Lots of fun dance-y cardio, some weight lifting, and running!  Me, running!  Crazy I know...but The Hubs is positive I can do it.  I'll be doing the Couch2-5K program with him cheering me along.  He got me some running shoes, and I'll lace them up for my first run on Wednesday.

For now though, I need to get to sleep!  Summer is my crazy busy season with KK in 2 dance classes now, Bones having baseball practices and games and participating in a few other classes, and The Hubs with softball practices and games.  Whew!

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